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Tamie WIlson for Congress, Ohio District 4

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"When I am elected, I will bring Congress home where the work belongs, fighting for our families. I will create a better future for our children by improving education, the economy, increasing safety, and by protecting our freedoms and democracy."

Meet Tamie Wilson

“Tamie was born and raised in the heartland, Ohio.
She is a mother, small business owner, and community advocate.
I’m running for Congress because Jim Jordan and
Washington aren't working for us.
It’s time to elect a DOER who will actually get things done,
so we can all LIVE BETTER.

Meet Tamie

“I’m not just running against Jim Jordan. I have bold new ideas that will deliver results, move America forward, and help everyone succeed. I will get things done so WE CAN ALL LIVE BETTER.”

Tamie Wilson will fight to protect freedom, rights, and benefits
Working Class, Women, Minorities, Seniors, Veterans, Disabled and Children
Tamie will fight for a Woman’s Freedom to make their own healthcare decisions, increase equity & opportunity for minorities, Protect Social Security and Medicare for seniors, Improve benefits for Veterans.

Cut Taxes, Lower Inflation, & Improve Ohio’s Economy

Tamie will fight to reduce government spending, reduce inflation and the deficit, bring jobs back to Ohio, cut taxes including overtime & social security, remove the SALT tax cap & more.

Reduce Violence, Address Mental Health, Fund the Police

Tamie, a 2nd amendment supporter, will introduce common sense legislation to reduce domestic violence, mass & school shootings, domestic terrorism, and ways to improve social engineering cyber security.
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It's About US!
It's Time to LIVE BETTER!

Tamie gives voice to the voiceless, the under represented Ohioans (Working Class, Women, Minorities, Seniors, Veterans, Disabled and Children), who feel left behind by Washington.

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