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Tamie will be your ACTION TAKER in Washington 
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Tamie Wilson
Getting Things  Done  For  ALL People


Answering the call to serve, Tamie is a 2022 Democrat Candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives to be a champion for Ohio's 4th congressional district. She is an entrepreneur, single mother, and the former wife of a United States Marine. Tamie, born and raised in central Ohio, offers a fresh female voice with a unifying message. Tamie brings common-sense solutions to core issues that no one in Washington is discussing.


Read Tamie's 5 Point Plan and Platform

"I'm not just running against Jim Jordan. 
I have plans to improve all lives.
                Tamie Wilson 

Jim Jordan isn't working for us, Tamie will. When congress, especially Jim Jordan, won't pass bills that will help Ohioans we all suffer.  Many in Congress are out of touch, but Tamie understands the working class. Tamie brings the personal and professional skills needed to unite people and break through the gridlock in Washington to Get Things Done. Tamie gives voice to the voiceless, the under represented Ohioans (the working class, minorities, and women), who feel left behind by Washington.


Tamie Wilson is Already Doing the Work FOR ALL PEOPLE

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Tamie has fought to protect women from domestic violence
Tamie has fought to protect women from domestic violence

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Tamie has fought for fair voting rights by testifying at 3 redistrict hearings
Tamie has fought for fair voting rights by testifying at 3 redistrict hearings

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Ohio's 4th
congressional district


Tamie is endorsed by UFCW


“The needs of the people of district 4 have gone ignored for far too long. It’s time for positive change. Residents in Marion County dread rain because their basements become flooded. They’re also concerned about abandoned homes. Farmers are struggling because supply and equipment costs have doubled due to only having 3 seed suppliers and 4 meat packers. Farmer are still waiting for the money they were promised last year from the government. Morrow County has a huge biodigester issue that continues to go unresolved. Workers are working in unsafe working conditions. There are a lot of issues in District 4 that continued to go unchecked and unresolved. I vow to you that stops now with me, Tamie! We all have concerns of the economy, voter protection, economic inequity, healthcare, and so much more. Ohio District 4 needs a Congresswoman who will get things done for the people, and that woman is me, Tamie Wilson.
A vote for me is a vote for you and your family.
                                                              Tamie Wilson

If you live in District 4, I want to hear from you.
Tell me your issue and let's create a solution.

Diversity is what makes America great. Tamie has friends and family members from all ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. She will be your fighter in congress. Tamie's understanding, empathy, and compassion for humanity comes from her upbringing, life's experiences, and personal values. Tamie has family members who live in heavy Trump rural Ohio, family members who live in urban inner city Columbus, and family members, who are doctors and business owners, who live in Dublin, Ohio. Born and raised in the heartland of America, Tamie personally understands the challenges and concerns of ALL Ohioans better than any other candidate. 

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