Tamie Wilson For Congress

United We Can

Live Better

Tamie Wilson

For US Congress OH D-04

Family, Freedom, Fairness

United We Can
Live Better

Meet Tamie Wilson

“I am a mother, a businesswoman, and Ohioan from Delaware, Ohio.  

I’m running for Congress because Washington isn’t doing enough for us. 

It’s time to elect someone who will actually get things done, so we can all LIVE BETTER.

"I'm not just running against Jim Jordan. I have plans to improve all lives.
I will get things done, so WE CAN ALL LIVE BETTER."
Tamie Wilson
For US Congress

Jim Jordan isn’t working for us, Tamie will. When Congress, especially Jim Jordan, won’t pass bills that will help Ohioans, we all suffer.  

Many in Congress are out of touch, but Tamie understands the working class. Tamie brings the personal and professional skills needed to unite people and break through the gridlock in Washington to Get Things Done. 

Tamie gives voice to the voiceless, the under represented Ohioans (the working class, minorities, and women), who feel left behind by Washington.

Issues & Solutions

Tamie's Platform

Lower Taxes,

Gas Prices,

& Inflation

Eliminate tax on overtime pay.

Pause the gas tax.

Use our oil reserves.




Tamie will fight to protect our democracy and our right to vote.




Tamie will fight to save pro-choice, create opportunities, and protect women's voices, rights, and lives.


A Safer


Tamie has created a comprehensive plan to protect the second amendment and reduce violence in America.


United We Can

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