Tamie Wilson For Congress


WHAT:  Tamie Wilson Supports President Biden’s Investment in Ohio Union Workers


WHEN:  July 6, 2022


WHERE: Cleveland, OH


WHO: US Congressional Candidate Tamie Wilson (OH4) and President Biden



President Biden visited Max S. Hayes High School in Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon to reveal details of the American Rescue Plan to union workers. “Like many Ohioans, I don’t agree with every position, bill, or policy issue presented by President Joe Biden. But, when the President of the United States comes to Ohio to champion unions and make life better for Ohio workers and families, I show up and support our Ohio workers and unions. I fully support President Biden’s American Rescue Plan that will go to over 2 million union workers, to help them provide for their families and protect their retirement. Unions built our Ohio middle class. Unions matter to our Ohio economy. Thank you, Mr. President, for supporting Ohio unions,” explains Tamie.




Bill DeVito, Political Coordinator at Ironworkers Local 17 introduced President Biden. “You could feel the unity in the room when Mr. DeVito explained with heartfelt detail the financial hardship union workers felt when they chose to take a 40% cut to their pensions to prevent insolvency,” Tamie continues. “I know the room was full of people with different political party affiliations, but it didn’t matter. The room felt united through sacrifice, gratitude, and neighborly love. I saw and felt the true spirit of America. The spirit of America that called me to run for office and drives my campaign, the unity of neighbor looking out for neighbor,” she added.




When President Biden came to Ohio, Jim Jordan went on FOX news to spread his usual divisive toxic rhetoric. “People tell me they are sick and tired of all the hate and divisiveness. Jordan basically said Biden has a policy problem by supporting unions and Ohio workers. My opponent Jim Jordan’s record shows he has supported multinational corporations over increased pay for Ohio workers for the last 16 years. Our Ohio middle class has been torn apart by career politicians in Washington, like Jim Jordan, because they have given tax breaks to large corporations over tax breaks directly to us, hard-working middle-class Ohioans. We deserve better. I look forward to going to Washington, so I can fight to get tax cuts for us working class Americans,” explains Tamie Wilson.


Jim Jordan supported tax cuts for corporations in Ohio like Tyson Foods, a company that has invested in stock buybacks, while it increased the price of beef, chicken, and meat by tens of percentages (over 37% for beef alone) for the Ohio consumer. Tyson Foods, the nation’s biggest meat processor with a large facility in Amherst, Ohio, in the Congressional district that Jim Jordan represented for the last decade, posted more than $1 billion in profit in the first quarter of 2022, a profit increase of 48% from the same period in 2021. “Yet, Jim Jordan has passed no legislation in Congress to help fix the large inflation of meat and food prices that have impacted the Ohio consumers. In fact, he always rejects bills that would actually help people in Ohio and America,” communicates Tamie.




“As a candidate who was at President Biden’s event on Wednesday in Cleveland, it just goes to show that Jim Jordan just wants to continue to cause chaos and division in our country versus talking about policies enacted in DC that help Ohio workers and families. I’m eager to go to DC and get things done for the people,” explains Tamie Wilson. 


US Congressional Candidate Tamie Wilson is an entrepreneur, single mother, and ex-wife of a former United States Marine. With friends and family members from all ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds, Tamie gives voice to many Ohioans and Americans. Tamie, born and raised in central Ohio, offers a fresh female voice with a unifying message. Tamie brings common-sense solutions to core problems that no one in Washington is discussing.