Tamie Wilson For Congress


WHAT:  Press Conference


WHEN:  July 14, 2022, at 11:30 am


WHERE: Ohio Statehouse – Columbus, OH

WHO: US Congressional Candidate Tamie Wilson (OH4)


Tamie Wilson Calls on Jim Jordan to Apologize to 10-Year-Old Girl & Family

Opponent Jim Jordan tweeted trying to silence the rape of an Ohio girl, then deleted the tweet


“As Ohioans, we all care deeply for our children. As mothers, we pray our children will be protected from evils and that our society has systems in place to catch those who do our children harm. I know I pray my son stays safe.


“Today, a Columbus man was charged with impregnating a 10-year-old little girl. Yesterday, my opponent Jim Jordan tweeted that the girl’s rape story was another lie. How dare he minimize every woman and girl’s worse fear, of being sexually violated.


“Calling the 10-year-old girl’s rape story a hoax and accusing her of making it up, is not how a U.S. Representative should treat your daughters and sons in Ohio. We all know this isn’t the first time Jim Jordan has denied sexual abuse. Why is he always on the wrong side of such a horrible issue? I’m outraged and confused as to why he lacks the moral compass to call out sex offenders. Why does he evade the issue? Jim Jordan has made it crystal clear our children are not safe under his watch.” states Tamie Wilson, Democratic nominee for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District.


“We must trust the voices of victims and protect all of our children from Jim Jordan. He and Republican AG Dave Yost live in the new Ohio 4th District. AG Yost is from the county I live in, Delaware. I know my neighbors in Delaware County, people of dignity and good conscience. Not men that go on national TV to intimidate a 10-year-old girl rape victim and spread fake propaganda. Shame on them” continues Tamie.


“Jim Jordan needs to apologize to the 10-year-old-girl and her family for calling her rape story a lie, or resign,” announces Tamie Wilson. “Sexual assault cases should not be treated like a joke and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sexual assault should be acknowledged, investigated by authorities, and respected by our elected officials like Jim Jordan and the Ohio Attorney General’s office,” states Tamie Wilson.