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Even though women make over 50% of the population in the United States, we're still treated as a minority. Women deserve equal pay for their work regardless of sex or race. Women deserve the right to choose what's best for their bodies and healthcare. We need better laws in place to protect us from sexual harassment at work, sexual assault, and domestic violence. I will fight to protect women's voices, rights, and lives.

I will fight to ensure women’s voices are heard and our rights protected.

I vow to not only protect women’s rights, but also our bodies, our safety, our lives. I will be heard, and I will get things done. It amazes me women aren’t further along in 2021; what’s worse, it seems we’re going backwards.

Women are smart and powerful. We see things differently than men. There’s a reason why men say they don’t understand how women think, they aren’t women.  


We need more female voices in government. We need more women, especially women of diversity, in Congress and that's exactly why I'm running for office.

Women with strong voices continue to get silenced, dismissed, and/or attacked with smear campaigns. As a collective, we need to stand up and fight harder than ever and make good trouble. We must protect our rights.


Women continue to suffer domestic abuse, sexual harassment at work, sexual assault, human trafficking, etc.. Most cases, if heard, are dismissed. Legislation is rarely passed to protect and advance the quality of life personally and professionally for women. 


Let's be honest, women are not a priority, we’re more of an afterthought. Most men do not wake up in morning and think, “How can I focus my day on improving the lives of women?” You know who does? I do! Everyday, I think of things that can and should be done to improve our quality of life personally and professionally. I know women. I know our challenges. Better yet, I know what needs to be done to improve our lives.

If supporting and protecting women is important to you, I need your help, please support my campaign by sharing my message, volunteering, and donating. 

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