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While Jim Jordan plays the blame game and stops legislation HR7688 Consumer Price Gouging Prevention Act, which would stop gas price gouging, Tamie is offering solutions. 

Although Tamie shares the goal of transitioning renewable forms of energy, the reality is that gas and diesel are still important in driving the economy.


Due to the war in Ukraine, global gas and diesel prices are rising and are now fueling inflation here and abroad. We need to do more now to soften gas and diesel prices while the administration works for longer term solutions.


Tamie whole-heartedly  supports the Administration's decision to tap into the strategic  petroleum reserves, this is not enough. 

She now calls on the President to immediately give Americans a holiday from the national gas tax as we head into the summer vacation, construction and farming season. This will save 18 cents a gallon on gas and 24 cents a gallon on diesel prices, which translate into lower prices in many sectors, including food and construction supplies.

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