Tamie Wilson For Congress

Meet Tamie Wilson

Executive Committee Member of Delaware Democratic Party

Women’s March

Rally Against Domestic Violence – reintroduce the ankle bracelet bill

Protested and Testified for Voting Rights and Fair Maps

Protest Jim Jordan’s Eligibility to Be on The Ballot – Violation of 14th Amendment Article 3

Partner with 1DivingLine2Health to Help End Human Trafficking

Member of Delaware County Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association

Feed the Homeless

March for Unity in the Community to End Racism

Ohio’s Day of Empathy

Writing Bills:
  • Support the Police Reform
  • Immigration Reform

Backing Bills:
  • Term limits
  • Stop taxing:
    • Overtime pay
    • Bonuses under $10k
    • Social Security pay

Address the mental health crisis in America: financial security, life skills and wellness programs, reduce fear and hate through education.

Reduce all violence with programs: domestic violence (programs for abusers and abused), domestic terrorism (deradicalization programs), racism (programs), mass shootings, school shootings, etc.

Bring jobs to District 4 that can’t be replaced by robots and provide high wages and safe working conditions.

Economy: Reduce taxes, fight to lower inflation, increase wages & pay equity for minorities and women, fight for everyone to pay their fair share in taxes.

Improve Education in America: Tamie has a lot of ideas how to improve education in America. Yes, preschool should be free, so all kids receive the same education. Tax money should be distributed equally to schools by number of students and faculty, so all students are given the same education no  matter the zip code they live in. We should provide honest education in schools. In addition, schools should teach mental and emotional fitness and life skills. Kids should be taught basic life skills needed to succeed in life: financial literacy, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills, communication, conflict resolution, positive thinking, forgiveness, etc. Child Wellness Program in schools.

Empower women and minorities with programs and funding for individuals, families, small business.

Help farmers: Tamie’s first plan of action will be to work to pass the farm bill, enforce antitrust laws, lower supplies and equipment costs, empower farmers by stopping abusive practices by meat processors, and require financial assistance to be dispersed.

I was born in Columbus, and lived and died with every Buckeye touchdown. 

Then my family followed my father to Dayton for work, where we lived and died with every paycheck. 

That, I discovered, was very Ohio.

My uncle was a man of the land, owning a small farm in Gallipolis. I spent Summers there as a kid – doing chores, tending to animals, growing the things we ate.

That was Ohio too.

I worked at a McDonald’s when I was 15, then in a mall clothing store. And did a lot of babysitting for neighbors.

"Washington is out of touch and is not working for us. When Washington doesn’t work together, we all suffer.
I'm not a politician; I'm a concerned entrepreneur & single mom. My only agenda is to help Ohioans live better lives. I truly care about you and your family."
Tamie Wilson
For Congress

My father ran a small business, one that was too small to qualify for health insurance benefits – so my parents never went to the doctor.

Today, my mother has Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and a heart condition that went undetected for years.

For too many citizens, that is also Ohio.

I married my high school sweetheart, a Marine. We moved overseas.

A few years later, I was back home, a single mother of a son, working jobs that were new to me – Real Estate, home improvement sales, marketing for a hospital while also going to college – and finding a way to succeed at all of them, because I simply had no other choice if I wanted to create a better life and feed my family.

In other words, I’m not just Ohio. I’m you. Struggle has been my daily bread.

Through it all, I found myself wondering why everything had to be so difficult.

I paid taxes, I voted in elections, I sang the National Anthem, raised my son to love our country… Yet my own government didn’t seem to see me or hear me, an entrepreneur and single mom. 

I now see that that was because my “government” was people like Jim Jordan.

Jim has been our “representative” in Congress for 15 years.

And in that time, he has not passed a single piece of legislation to make life in this district any better for the people who live here.

He goes on Fox News a lot. He runs around without a jacket on.

But the actual job of caring for his constituents – for us – doesn’t seem to appeal to him.

So I decided to take his job away, to give the people of Ohio a voice and action-taker in Congress who will actually fight for us.

I hope you’ll help me. I hope to earn your trust.

I will prove myself worthy of it… because I know you. I am you. 

And we are ALL Ohio.

United We Can

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