Tamie Wilson For Congress

Meet Tamie Wilson

Executive Committee Member of Delaware Democratic Party

Women’s March

Rally Against Domestic Violence – reintroduce the ankle bracelet bill

Protested and Testified for Voting Rights and Fair Maps

Protest Jim Jordan’s Eligibility to Be on The Ballot – Violation of 14th Amendment Article 3

Partner with 1DivingLine2Health to Help End Human Trafficking

President of Delaware County Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association

Feed the Homeless

March for Unity in the Community to End Racism

Ohio’s Day of Empathy

Writing Bills:

  • Domestic Violence Bill
  • Immigration Reform
  • Support the Police Reform
  • Social Engineering Cyber Security 

Backing Bills:

  • Term limits
  • Stop taxing:
    • Overtime pay
    • Bonuses under $10k
    • Social Security 

Address the mental health crisis in America: financial security, life skills and wellness programs, reduce fear and hate through education.

Reduce all violence with programs: domestic violence (programs for abusers and abused), domestic terrorism (deradicalization programs), racism (programs), mass shootings, school shootings, etc.

Bring jobs to District 4 that can’t be replaced by robots and provide high wages and safe working conditions.

Economy: Reduce taxes, fight to lower inflation, increase wages & pay equity for minorities and women, fight for everyone to pay their fair share in taxes.

Improve Education in America: Tamie has a lot of ideas how to improve education in America. Yes, preschool should be free, so all kids receive the same education. Tax money should be distributed equally to schools by number of students and faculty, so all students are given the same education no  matter the zip code they live in. We should provide honest education in schools. In addition, schools should teach mental and emotional fitness and life skills. Kids should be taught basic life skills needed to succeed in life: financial literacy, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills, communication, conflict resolution, positive thinking, forgiveness, etc. Child Wellness Program in schools.

Empower women and minorities with programs and funding for individuals, families, small business.

Help farmers: Tamie’s first plan of action will be to work to pass the farm bill, enforce antitrust laws, lower supplies and equipment costs, empower farmers by stopping abusive practices by meat processors, and require financial assistance to be dispersed.

As a Columbus native, Tamie Wilson’s heart still pumps for the Ohio State Buckeyes. When Tamie was twelve, her family moved to a suburb of Columbus, Westerville. She spent her summers and weekends in beautiful Gallipolis, Ohio on her uncle’s farm where she experienced farm-to-table firsthand as she fed farm animals, gathered eggs for breakfast, and picked vegetables for dinner.

Tamie’s grit and heart to help others were evident early on. By the 4th grade she was working closely with special needs children with Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, etc. Tamie’s caring nature is an innate part of who she is.

"Washington is out of touch and is not working for us. When Washington doesn’t work together, we all suffer.
I'm not a politician; I'm a concerned entrepreneur & single mom. My only agenda is to help Ohioans live better lives. I truly care about you and your family."
Tamie Wilson
For Congress

Over the years, Tamie has encountered many trials and tribulations, personally and professionally. Despite these challenges in her life, Tamie’s fortitude and relentless perseverance have allowed her to thrive, rise, and be successful. As a single mother and full-time student, she worked in a variety of industries before she started her own business. She knows firsthand the struggles single mothers and Ohioans face to make ends meet and provide a better life for their children. With lived experiences and tenacity, Tamie has what it takes to speak up for us and get things done.

Tamie comes from humble beginnings and has had to find her own way. She entered politics after she had to shut down her business due to COVID. Born and raised in Ohio, she knows firsthand the challenges facing Ohioans because she’s experienced them; better yet, she knows how to solve them. Tamie is eager to go to Washington and use her personal and professional experience to work for all Americans.

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