Candidate For Ohio’s 4th Congressional District

Your neighbor who doesn’t just live here
She Lives the District

Tamie Wilson, an entrepreneur, single mom and an advocate for all Ohio families, who has made it her life’s work to help people live happier healthier lives.

As an Ohio native, Tamie Wilson knows that the everyday lives of Ohioans are often forgotten in the headlines and culture wars of Washington DC.

Tamie spent her summers and weekends downhome in beautiful Gallipolis, Ohio on her uncle’s farm, not far from Bob Evans farm, where she experienced firsthand the hard work of the family farm as she fed farm animals, gathered eggs for breakfast, and picked vegetables for dinner.

Tamie’s honesty, her love of family, Ohio, and country, her passion to help others, and
her ability to bring people together for the greater good will benefit all Ohio’s communities and all of the United States once she is elected.

Like many in the Ohio 4th Congressional District, life has its ups and downs. But also like the people of the Ohio 4th, Tamie understands what it takes to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, start a successful business. and work hard to be successful. As a single mom, Tamie knows firsthand the struggles single mothers and Ohioans face to make ends meet and provide a better life for their children.

Tamie has a strong sales background and she has run several large corporations. Tamie’s small business and corporate background have prepared her with the knowledge and skills to negotiate and help Congress come together on important bills. As a member of Congress, Tamie pledges to restore the focus of representation in the 4th Ohio Congressional District to the everyday needs of what it takes to live, prosper, and raise a family; and less on divisiveness and culture wars that ignore the everyday needs and impact of Ohio families.

For Tamie, Congress is an extension of her lifelong commitment to community service. By the 4th grade she was working closely with special needs children with Down Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, and more. As a survivor of domestic violence, Tamie is committed to prevention, detection, and reduction of domestic violence. Her commitment to veterans comes from her down home patriotic family values that started with her grandfather, a WWII U.S. Veteran and a former wife of a United States Marine.

As a community volunteer, Tamie has been active with the DCPAAA (Delaware Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association), Eagles, UCC (Unity Community Center), LWV (League of Women Voters), the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, End CAN, Kiwanis, and other efforts to prevent child abuse and programs to help Ohioans create healthy lifestyle habits.

Tamie’s “Get Things Done” and her no-nonsense approach to community service led Tamie into politics, especially after she had to shut down her business due to COVID. Tamie lived and suffered the disconnect between those politicians focused on infighting instead of a focus on problem solving for Americans at a crucial time in American history.

For Tamie, representing the people of Ohio’s 4th Congressional district is less about high profile headlines and cable news appearances and instead about addressing the challenges facing Ohioans, most of which she has experienced personally.

Tamie believes it’s time to solve problems and produce results that will actually improve lives. It’s time to focus on us here in Ohio. And Tamie Wilson is eager to send the message that Congress should be less about headlines and more about serving us, right here at home!