Candidate For Ohio’s 4th Congressional District

Your neighbor who doesn’t just live here
She Lives the District

Answering the call to serve, Tamie Wilson is a 2024 Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District. An accomplished professional, devoted single mother, and proud granddaughter of a WWII veteran, Tamie’s journey is shaped by her strong family values and her commitment to community service.

Born and raised in Ohio, the heartland of America, Tamie has lived through the daily challenges facing her fellow Ohioans, having either experienced them personally or through close connections. Tamie’s background brings a unique perspective to the political arena. She offers a fresh and unifying female voice, advocating for common-sense solutions to core issues often overlooked in Washington.


Tamie’s deep love for family, people, and country is rooted in her upbringing. Raised in a loving home with strong American traditions, she comes from a patriotic family with ties to presidents and a legacy of hard work and service. Tamie’s parents, a real estate professional and a small business owner, instilled in her the values of financial conservativeness and social responsibility. Her high energy and determined drive were inspired by her hardworking grandmother, who was a mother of seven who juggled two jobs while Tamie’s grandfather served in WWII.

Tamie’s connection to the heartland extends to her experiences on her uncle’s farm in Gallipolis, Ohio, not far from the Bob Evans Farm, where she learned about farm-to-table living. Her commitment to community service began early, working closely with special needs children and later not only surviving domestic violence, but losing her aunt to domestic violence, fueling her dedication to prevention and support for all survivors of abuse. Tamie’s passion for Veterans’ issues stems from her family’s patriotic values and her experience as the former wife of a U.S. Marine. Tamie’s unwavering commitment to improving the healthcare system and ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare is deeply rooted in a personal journey close to her heart. This passion was ignited by her mother’s battle with cancer, where the significance of early detection became painfully apparent as her mom’s cancer went undetected. This poignant experience fuels Tamie’s determination to advocate for a healthcare system that leaves no one behind, ensuring timely and comprehensive care for all.

“Congress is an extension of my lifelong commitment to community service…”

Tamie Wilson, an entrepreneurial force, a devoted single mother, and a passionate advocate for all Ohioans, has dedicated her life to fostering happiness and well-being. Hailing from Ohio, she personally grasps the daily struggles faced by everyday Ohioans—struggles often overshadowed by the divisive culture wars consuming Washington DC.

With a robust professional background in sales, marketing, counseling, and leadership roles within small business and major corporations, she has helped to retain and create thousands of jobs over the last 23 years. Tamie possesses the adeptness to navigate complex negotiations and unite Congress on crucial bills. Her proactive “Get Things Done” mindset and common-sense approach to community service and creating a flourishing economy naturally propelled her into the realm of politics, particularly after navigating the challenges of closing her business due to the impact of COVID.

In the face of an out-of-touch government and a Congressman unfamiliar with the intricacies of small business ownership, Tamie like many small business owners found herself ineligible for vital COVID relief assistance. Undeterred, she pledges to redirect the focus of representation in Ohio’s 4th Congressional District towards addressing the practical needs of its residents—prioritizing prosperity, family, and community over the divisive politics that often dominate the landscape. Tamie Wilson is committed to bridging the gap between the people and their government, ensuring that the everyday concerns of Ohioans take center stage in Congress.

For the Love of People:

Tamie’s community involvement spans various organizations, including the DCPAAA (Delaware Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association), Eagles, UCC (Unity Community Center), LWV (League of Women Voters), NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, End CAN, Kiwanis, and efforts to prevent child abuse.

For Tamie, representing the people of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District means addressing their challenges firsthand. She believes it’s time for real solutions and results that improve lives, shifting the focus from infighting to problem-solving. Tamie is determined to send the message that Congress should prioritize serving the people, starting right here at home.

Tamie’s podcast, Lead-HER-ship, is an American Political podcast where she has crucial conversations about serious and controversial issues. Her goal is to empower, educate, and ignite change, with a special focus on inspiring women to step into politics.

Tamie’s fervent dedication to both service and education on pivotal and often contentious subjects is about to materialize in her eagerly awaited book, “LEADERSHIP – Why Women Should Run for Office and How to Win Elections.” Stay tuned for its upcoming release, promising valuable insights and guidance on the path to leadership and electoral success.

Tamie’s genuine honesty, deep family ties, love for Ohio and country, altruistic zeal, and skill in uniting people for a common purpose are poised to bring substantial benefits to every community in Ohio. Her impact is expected to resonate beyond state lines, contributing positively to the well-being of the entire United States once she assumes office.