Tamie Wilson For Congress

Tamie Wilson

Affordable Health Care

"No matter where we live or how old we are, we all want to get the care and medications we need for ourselves and our loved ones when we’re sick and to prevent sickness and disease."
Tamie Wilson
For Congress

Instead of making healthcare more affordable and accessible, Jim Jordan supports privatizing Medicare, opposes lower prescription drug prices, and rejects tax rebates to bring down our costs.

Here in Ohio’s 4th district, everyone deserves good health care no matter their age, background, or zip code. 

And Tamie knows that your health, safety, and well-being depend on it. That’s why she will fight to make affordable healthcare and lower prescription drug prices available to everyone and to expand access to the care you need when you need it – so we can take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and each other, no exceptions.

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