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Tamie is a biracial entrepreneur, single mother, and ex-wife of a former United States Marine. She has friends and family members of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds. She gives voice to Ohioans who feel left behind by Washington.


Women make over 50% of the population in the United States, but we only represent just a little over 25% in Congress, this has to change.


Tamie Wilson will bring a fresh female perspective to Washington offering commonsense solutions to core issues, so we can actually achieve positive change.


She will fight to create new jobs, increase your wages, and improve the quality of your life.


Tamie is an entrepreneur and leader who will deliver for you, your family, and your business.


She is a single mother who believes in a woman's right to choose what's best for her own health. Tamie loves children and believes children deserve not just life, but a good quality of life.


Tamie supports law enforcement. She believes in making sure you feel protected and safe, and holding wrongdoers accountable.


She will fight to protect your freedom to vote, so we can pick leaders who will deliver for all of us.


Tamie will fight to make sure we have a tax system where everyone pays their fair share.


She will work hard to create new programs and jobs that will improve the environment and create a healthier world for us now and future generations.


Tamie is a 2nd Amendment supporter with a NEW game plan to reduce violence and increase peace that is not being discussed ANYWHERE.


Tamie will work across the aisle to create win-win solutions, so everyone feels heard and represented. We all know, unity brings progress and division brings chaos.


Tamie is a city girl with down-home country values. She comes from humble beginnings and has had to find her own way. She truly cares about you and your family. She knows we're only as strong as our weakest link and her specialty is making weak links strong! She knows your pain, please support her campaign.

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