Tamie Wilson's 

5 point Plan

Get Things Done for the People


Create Solutions  Take Action 

There are so many issues that need to be addressed in this Country, but the problem is politicians get wrapped up in party politics, personal agendas, self-serving projects, and pressure from big time donors. It’s time for a change. The people of District 4 deserve to be heard and get results. I will ALWAYS be available to listen and take action. It’s time to look at what’s not working and plan a path forward toward progress. We need to look across the aisle and not see an enemy. All sides must work together to make America better for everyone. My #1 priority will always be to improve the lives of Ohioans. I will not just “be your voice” I will be your action taker, a leader that will deliver for you and your family. I will GET THINGS DONE FOR THE PEOPLE.

Champion for the working class, Women and Minorities

As a biracial woman, Tamie knows the challenges, concerns, and issues the working class, women, and minorities face in today’s society. She will fight for the rights, civil liberties, and a better life for all. The working class should not have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Tamie believes we need to get back to one job being enough to live a good life. Women deserve to have reproductive freedom. Minorities deserve to feel safe when walking in their communities. Tamie will be a champion for women and minorities who are victims of violence. She is already taking a proactive approach with her common sense solutions. Tamie will fight to bring

women and minorities equity in finance, work, health, and safety they have long deserved. She will be the voice for the working class, women, and minorities who have gone unheard and underrepresented.


Fair Voting & Elections

Voting is the cornerstone of our Democracy. Tamie has fought for fair voting and fair maps. Tamie will continue to fight to protect this most sacred American right, so everyone has the ability to participate in choosing our leaders. She will fight to increase the amount of polling locations, to make the process safe and secure, and stop gerrymandering. Voting should be an easy assessable process that encourages people to do their civic duty to give power to the people and their voice.

Fair Economy

COVID-19 has upended our economy over the past couple years. Everyone from farmers, small businesses, large companies, retail, and families have been impacted by the pandemic. Tamie wants to help promote economic growth and recovery by taking bold action through new legislation and bringing new jobs to Ohio. Tamie will fight for tax cuts including: no overtime tax (which is no tax after 40 hours of work), no taxes on bonuses under $10k, and to stop taxing social security (which is currently double taxing Americans). Tamie will repeal WEP and GPO. Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) both reduce social security. Public servants and their spouses should not be punished with a reduced retirement income. It’s also time for the 1% to pay their fair share. In addition, we need to wipe out student loan debt and everyone deserves a livable wage. Hardworking Americans should be able to easily put food on the table, pay their bills, send their kids to college, and receive affordable healthcare.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

A Better Future for all

Tamie will fight for a better future for all Americans by laying the groundwork in the present for a safer, cleaner, healthier world. She already has plans, programs, and legislation ready to take to Washington. One of Tamie's missions is to transform impoverished marginalized people and neighborhoods in Ohio by empowering them through life improvement initiatives. Learning new healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors will empower people to get off government assistance and thrive as US citizens. Tamie will lead the charge to improve our school system by fighting for equitable high-quality education that teaches honesty, integrity, and courage to do what is right, and fully funded pre-k. Tamie believes our children  should be taught mental and emotional fitness. Tamie will work towards a greener way of life, better healthcare, and reduce all violence. She will always make herself available listen to the challenges, concerns, and issues of the people. A brighter future is in reach and Tamie Wilson will be the leader to get us there.

Tamie Wilson’s Platform

Uplift and Empower Working Class, Vets, Minorities, Women, & Children

Tamie’s Community Involvement

Executive Committee Member of Delaware Democratic Party

Women’s March

Rally Against Domestic Violence – reintroduce the ankle bracelet bill

Protested and Testified for Voting Rights and Fair Maps

Protest Jim Jordan’s Eligibility to Be on The Ballot – Violation of 14th Amendment Article 3

Partner with 1DivingLine2Health to Help End Human Trafficking

Member of Delaware County Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association

Feed the Homeless

March for Unity in the Community to End Racism

Ohio’s Day of Empathy


Current Political Action

  1. Writing Bills: Common-Sense Police Reform and Immigration

  2. Backing Bills: Term limits, stop taxing: overtime, bonuses under $10k, and social security.


Future Political Action

  • Address the mental health crisis in America: financial security, life skills and wellness programs, reduce fear and hate through education.

  • Reduce all violence with programs: domestic violence (programs for abusers and abused), domestic terrorism (deradicalization programs), racism (programs), mass shootings, school shootings, etc.

  • Bring jobs to District 4 that can't be replaced by robots and provide high wages and safe working conditions.

  • Economy: Reduce taxes, fight to lower inflation, increase wages & pay equity for minorities and women, fight for everyone to pay their fair share in taxes.

  • Improve Education in America: I have a lot of ideas how to improve education in America. Yes, preschool should be free, so all kids receive the same education. Tax money should be distributed equally to schools by number of students and faculty, so all students are given the same education no  matter the zip code they live in. We should provide honest education in schools. In addition, schools should teach mental and emotional fitness and life skills. Kids should be taught basic life skills needed to succeed in life: financial literacy, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills, communication, conflict resolution, positive thinking, forgiveness, etc.Child Wellness Program in schools.

  • Empower women and minorities with programs and funding for individuals, families, small business.

  • Help farmers: My first plan of action will be to work to pass the farm bill, enforce antitrust laws, lower supplies and equipment costs, empower farmers by stopping abusive practices by meat processors, and require financial assistance to be dispersed.