How many more warnings do we need before we act decisively against the climate crisis? Our health, agriculture, and food supply are inextricably linked to the environment we live in. We cannot let disasters like the Flint water crisis unfold in Ohio or anywhere else. Everyone deserves clean water. My own uncle’s battle with polio, contracted from contaminated water, is a stark reminder of what’s at stake. We must ensure our children can attend safe schools and safely play in our backyards, not near power plants that have been linked to cancer cases. Breathing clean air isn’t a privilege; it’s a right. I propose investing in renewable energy, enforcing stricter pollution controls, and launching community-driven clean water initiatives.

None of us want a Flint Michigan water crisis in Ohio or anywhere else in the country. Everyone deserves clean water. Our bodies are made of 50-70% water. Years ago, my uncle contracted polio from contaminated water. Our children should be able to safely play in water in our backyards. I know several people who lived in proximity to a power plant that died of cancer. Breathing clean air is just a human right as well. I will combat the climate crisis and take necessary steps to protect our environment to ensure we have clean air, energy, and water. In cases like this, we must move past the opposition to save lives. Join me in this fight to secure a future with clean air, energy, and water for all.