“I support the 2nd Amendment. I grew up shooting guns with my cousins and my uncles, who are hunters. However, I also believe in common-sense safety measures. My aunt was killed via domestic violence. She was shot point blank with a 12 gauge shotgun. Her restraining order, a piece of paper, did not save her life. So, from my life experience, I see both sides of this heated debate.

Everyone wants and needs to feel safe in their home and community. Over 39,000 people die from gun violence every year-that’s over a 100 a day! We can do better. We need to talk about common-sense gun laws. We need to look at some of the key issues like the purchasing process, mental health screening, criminal background checks, black market guns, socio-economic inequality to name a few. We need to have common-sense solutions, that will save lives, that no one in Washington is addressing in a meaningful way.”